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Decennial Insurance Proteção Ilimitada, Lda. - Products

Decennial Insurance Products

It´s an insurance which guarantees, for 10 years, the indemnification of material damages caused in the building by errors or defects that have their origin in, or which affect, bases, supports, beams, front walls, load walls or other structural elements, and which directly compromise the mechanical resistance and stability of the building.

The policyholder of this insurance is the Promoter and the Insured are the Promoters, as are subsequent purchasers of the building or parts thereof. The amount to insure is the final value of the building (or complex) at the time of delivery, which amount includes the cost of execution of works as per the contract, technical fees (project design and management, geotechnical reports, quality control bodies), licenses and other fees.

Decennial Insurance
Decennial Insurance
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