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Seguro Directors  Officers Proteção Ilimitada, Lda. - Products

Seguro Directors Officers Products

We have a complete package of services to protect you in the event of any claims arising from (alleged) errors in management.

We can guarantee the members of the management body, as well as the company itself, so that the company is also covered. This policy has been created to protect managers against complaints that may be made in relation to acts of management, including employment practices.

We defend our clients from possible legal actions, protecting both personal and company assets from such risks.

We protect your company against employee infidelity.

Client defense and its respective costs, including additional capital for new claims when one insured individual has depleted the insured capital.

Guarantees and Coverages:

  • Costs of legal defence

  • Civil and criminal bonds and guarantees

  • Crisis management costs

  • Costs of extradition procedures

  • Coverage for employment claims

  • Coverage for pollution claims

  • Coverage for representatives in subsidiary and affiliated companies

  • Coverage of the company as a legal member of the Board of Directors of subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies

  • Payment of compensations and financial damages to third parties against claims regarding: employment, employee infidelity, responsibilities of data protection, pollution claims

Seguro Directors  Officers
Seguro Directors  Officers
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