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Cyber Proteção Ilimitada, Lda. - Products

Cyber Products

In the complex world of cyber risk, experience makes a difference. We therefore present to you the most complete cyber risk insurance on the market, developed based on more than 15 years´ experience in Europe and the USA. We know that today´s world is very competitive, and because of this, we endeavour to make our product clear, simple and transparent to the end client. We hope that the coverage and scope of this insurance, together with the quality of service that has come to characterise our company, will meet your expectations. Cyber has been developed to respond to the needs of any entity, independently of its size and activity, as all are vulnerable to internal and external cyber attacks. These are our base coverages:


  • Incident management service, supplied by national specialists in the information technology, legal and communications fields, to advise, coordinate and manage the response in case of data breach, security breach or threat of extortion.

  • compensation for loss in the event your business has been interrupted as the result of an internal or external cyber attack.

  • Restoration of damaged information and systems recovery

  • Third party claims:

  • Data breaches: non-compliance with a third party´s rights of confidentiality or protection of personal data
  • Responsibility for digital content: covers the costs of legal defence, professional advice and potential compensation stemming from a violation of the third party´s rights of intellectual property, or claims for material and bodily damages
  • Security breaches: program errors, involuntary transmission of viruses, system failures/crashes or unauthorised uses that involve damages to third parties

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