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All Risks - Hotels Proteção Ilimitada, Lda. - Products

All Risks - Hotels Products

In view of the needs of the most demanding businesses in guaranteeing their risks, we offer an All Risks insurance policy, with broad and very flexible guarantees.

Existing policies on the market are governed by standard coverages, with very low limits of compensation to cover the potential damages and losses of clients in international markets, which in fact are the largest majority of clients in this very sensitive area of activity. Among other coverages, we can include:

  • Terrorism

  • Cyber Clause

  • Loss of exploitation (fixed costs, lost profits)

  • theft of customers ' goods in the rooms

  • theft of money from customers in hotel safes

  • Machinery Breakdown

  • replacement value in new

CONSEG chooses to analyze each risk individually and propose coverages and limits in accord with the activity and size of the client and its risks.

All Risks - Hotels
All Risks - Hotels
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