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Third party liability Proteção Ilimitada, Lda. - Products

Third party liability Products

Civil Liability issues from the obligation to compensate damages caused to a third party. In law, Civil Liability theory seeks to determine under what conditions someone can be held liable for damages caused to another and to what extent he is liable to compensate it. The reparation of the damage is made by means of a compensation which is, almost always, pecuniary. In Civil Liability insurance, the insurer covers the risk of compensation to third parties for damages which may be caused by the insured. At CONSEG, our clients are covered for these unforeseen day-to-day events, both personally as well as in their business activity. We offer a wide range of products for Civil Liability, such as:

  • 3rd party liability AL (Local accommodation)

  • Construction and Builders 3rd party liability

  • Environmental responsibility

  • Lawyers - 3rd party liability

  • Professional 3rd party liability

  • Business 3rd party liability

  • Family 3rd party liability

Third party liability
Third party liability
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