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Proteção Ilimitada, Lda.
Proteção Ilimitada, Lda.
Proteção Ilimitada, Lda.
Proteção Ilimitada, Lda.

Proteção Ilimitada, Lda

Meet the Team


We are a professional, dynamic and entrepreneurial team of insurance brokers.

Conseg Insurance emerges from a fusion of tree excellent insurance brokers, namely Miguel Raminhos, Rui Gomes and David Dias which originated Proteção Ilimitada, Lda.

  • Miguel Raminhos  has more than 20 years of professional experience in insurance busines. Started his career in 1997 creating a strong customer base through dedication and commitment, specializing as a Client Manager at Planal, SA, current Quinta do Lago, SA. He is proud to retain "Clients that we can call friends" and to have loyalty from Quinta do lago, Vale do Lobo and other Hotel reference units in Algarve. As a co-founder of this company he is secure that this partnership will guarantee excellent results.
  • Rui Gomes started his career in 2004 as an Insurance Mediator at Victoria Seguros, integrating the companies permanent staff, by invitation on the following year, where progressed his professional activity untill 2015. With great confidence in his work, is proud to found Conseg to fulfill his purpose of "helping others to protect their most precious assets".


  • David Dias is our partner and co-founder since 2018 bringing his vast expertise of more than 10 years in the insurance area. He started by integrating the commercial structure in insurance brokerage in 2008. After the much desired merger, together decided to change  Conseg, Lda to Proteção Ilimitada, Lda. and David is "trilled to join this company and provide high quality services".



Proteção Ilimitada, Lda., registered on 09/04/2018 with the ASF under the number 418460784, is authorized to exercise the activity of insurance mediation in both the life and non-life sectors, according to information in the respective registration certificate, available at ASF.

Proteção Ilimitada, Lda., registered with the ASF under the number 418460784, is authorized to enter into contracts on behalf of the insurance companies it represents, as well as to receive the respective insurance premiums. 

Proteção Ilimitada, Lda., does not assume the coverage of the risks, which are wholly assumed by the respective insurance companies.

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